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About Us

Our mission is to offer an incomparable and unforgettable interior path, based on direct contact with nature and its beauty, on personalized hospitality and relaxation in a privileged place where nature embraces you and never forgets you, also preserving our heritage and honouring our family roots in a sustainable and modern way.

We are waiting for you in our house on the Pinè Plateau, surrounded by the lavish nature of the 
Trentino Alpine Region!   

LaLuNaMia is the culmination of a project that stems both from a choice of life and the redevelopment of a family home above the lake of Piazze in the village of Cialini, where Pio’s aunt, Aunt Silvia, lived until his death in 2019 after turning 100 years of life.

The first thing we noticed when we came to visit aunt Silvia was the wonderful light that emanated from the house both for its beautiful location slightly elevated compared to the other houses and for the view to the south with the lake, meadows, woods and mountains.

This house wants to be a return to the area where Pio grew up and where we spent the first years as married and a way for me to better express my previous experiences in the world of hospitality, having studied and worked for years in the tourism sector in Italy and abroad as a Tour guide and travel organizer and being now eager to combine these familiar places with the immense culture of love for hospitality and for the wonderful places of Trentino.

We wish that all people who visit LaLuNaMia can be part of a unique project, an unforgettable journey of relaxation and customizable experiences to create a family relationship and trust with our guests, where individuality is never lost but is always accompanied by a smile, careful care, guided and curated adventures for a magical stay with people who love complete harmony and respect for nature.

What distinguishes us is the love for details in a friendly and serene atmosphere with hospitality and warmth first of all!

Noi tre con Pepper a casa.jpg
Zia Silvia centesimo con sorelle e sindaco.jpg

Our name 

We really liked being able to enclose in the logo representing the symbol of the moon the words that distinguish our house, characterized by:

Come i due Laghi dell’Altopiano, perle incastonate tra i monti ed i boschi di Pinè


Like the two lakes of the plateau, pearls set between the mountains and the woods of Pinè

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